It’s Tougher Being Alabama Than Vanderbilt

It’s tougher being Alabama than Vandy. Or, Ohio State not Indiana. The expectations are 100% different. Crimson tide or Buckeye fans expect 12 wins, to be in the National Championship hunt or ,at the very least, a New Years 6 bowl game. A conference championship game appearance is almost a given.


Only Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida State, Wisconsin, BOISE STATE and Stanford can say they have 50+ wins 2013-17.

Harsin was responsible for 42 of them and ,yes, fans expect big bowls and 12 wins.

So far in 2018, the only 50 win club teams to not keep pace are 3-3 Florida State and 3-2 Boise State.

It’s early. They have been here before. Plenty.

But, I am aware the last 4 years have brought some cringe worthy moments with home losses to Air Force, New Mexico,Virginia or Rocky Long. Or, total collapses on the road at Utah State, Baylor or Air Force. The expectation is a NY6 Bowl game this season. It is still possible but not probable. The new norm is a Las Vegas Bowl. That is still in the cards. Boise State football games are often the entertainment at parties that thousands of people host and it’s hard to explain when the band sucks. Booing in the stands, play calling and coach questioning all get louder. Saturday’s performance was so dismal on offense you have no choice but to question why that happened. Going into the 4th quarter, Boise State had 7 points on a 4 yard drive, averaged 1 yard per carry rushing, completed less then ½ of 27 passes for 92 yards and threw 3 interceptions. Heck, Maryland played the #1 defense in college football, Michigan, and scored 21 points and ran for almost 150. Fans want answers and the short one to me is Rypien was hit too much, confused and lost confidence. He will face the same issues vs every team left on the schedule.   

Yes, the wheels fell off the Broncos offensive wagon.  But,the wheels are not off the entire program. Pump your brakes. Lower your expectations. An 11-12 win season is still possible.