Offense Always Wins At Boise State

By Jeff Caves

Coach Pete was known as a very fair guy. Open minded and, while not seemingly interested in the field goal unit at times, appreciated the three phases of the game.

The run game, pass game and trick plays.

I have been told by former players that the team put in extra work as an offense in any drill, scrimmage or meeting. For example, they would do a botched play over again and again until the offensive squad executed properly. Scrimmages were not live, defensive schemes were vanilla and the offense was always put in a scoring situation without earning it.

Okay, I am being a bit bitter as a former defensive player, but it’s all happening again with Harsin.

And that’s fine cause it pays the bills.

All FBS era Head Coaches at Boise State have been guys with offensive backgrounds. The insiders know Boise State will only be as good as its defense allows it to be but even I will admit, it takes way more communication and total team execution to play at the level the Boise State offense does. Let’s say I believe Harsin has this team, especially the offense, constantly striving for perfection and settling for excellence.

I saw some of that at the Spring Game. The offense ran 73 plays in only 32 minutes of game clock. That’s breakneck speed. Last years team averaged 75 plays per game in 60 minutes.  

Advantage offense. The fact 24 points were scored is a miracle. How many times has Boise State went no-huddle on offense the entire game and used 5 different quarterbacks?

I came away impressed with the following:


-Jaylon Henderson has won the backup job. THANK GOD. If he didn’t perform as well as he did this spring, I believe Boise State would have been pressed into making Hank Bachmier ready to be #2. He isn’t ready. Neither are the rest of the quarterbacks. And, they know it, so I don’t think Bachmeier or Bennett transfers anytime soon.


-Bachmeier isn’t seeing the field just yet when he drops back. He is confused and that’s why he took so many coverage sacks. If he is as smart as they say he is, it is a non-issue. Dude ripped a 40 yard throw to the opposite side of the field on a rope. But, he still floats his touch passes and that’s an interception or collision waiting to happen.


-Curtis Weaver should be preseason defensive player of the year in the Mountain West. He is unblockable in pass rush. I have seen him totally dominate twice this spring. He has had 20 sacks the last 2 seasons. Enjoy his last year at Boise State. If he trains properly this summer, he will work his way into being a first or 2nd round NFL guy.


-Khalil Shakir is the most exciting player Boise State has had since Titus Young. WATCH OUT.


-The wide receiver group is well stocked. Shakir and Hightower are headaches for opposing defensive coaches. Thomas, Cobbs, and Butler are reliable and can move the chains. Octavius Evans can only make the position group more explosive if he can stay healthy and should change his #1 jersey number until he puts some up.

-Andrew Van Buren is a work in progress but needs the work to improve. He got better as the scrimmage went on. Showed great vision on a 20-yard run, some open field escapability and inside toughness. BUT, dropped two passes. #1 to me or #1a


-Ezekiel Noa is ready to be a highlight hit machine at LB. Once he trusts his reads, he is a heat-seeking missile type of LB ala Korey Hall.  


Seemed like a successful Spring Game enjoyed by almost 7,000 fans. Who came to see offense. I think they did. 24 points in 32 minutes with 5 different Qb’s. Imagine what they could put up in 60.