Idaho Sports Talk is not afraid of parody! Listen to some of our
favorite bits from over the years!

KTIK Parody Image 2 copy

*Ajayi-mian Rhapsody-An Ode to Jay Ajayi in the style of Queen
*Butch Gov’na Movie-Time to Revenge-Our Governor stars in a soft core skin flick

*BCS Conspiracy: Jeff Caves and Mike Prater uncover a plot to throw a football game
*Classic Caves: Jeff Caves teams up with rock music legends for this album
*Crank Call to Karl Benson-WAC Commissioner
*Darth Prater: Evil has an ugly name and it’s Darth Prater
*Disco Night on the Blue: Another Boise State football theme night
*Engineer with an Attitude: KTIK Engineer Randall Rocks is a bad man|
*Engineer with an Attitude part 2: KTIK Engineer Randall Rocks still sports an attitude
*Flomax edition of Idaho Sports Talk: Have trouble in the bathroom? Listen to this!
*Fritchman bushes: JP stakes out a house near BSU to ch people in the act
*Godfather State Board of Education: Boise State flexes it’s Mafia muscle
*Good Host-Bad Host- Jeff Caves is the good host. Mike Prater is the bad host
*Idaho Sports Talk Derby: A horse race featuring Caves, Prater, JP, Larry Craig, Paul J and more
*IST Prison Blues: Former BSU Basketball player Abe Jackson sings about the IST Prison Show
*IST College football realignment: Idaho Sports Talk suggests the ultimate proposal in realignment
*Jeff Caves School of Broadcasting: Learn how to broadcast just like Jeff Caves
*Jeff Caves #66: A look back at a man who wore the #66 jersey for Boise State
*Jeff Caves first Idaho Sports Talk show: Go back to 1985 for this debacle
*Jeff Caves employee of the year: Co-workers of Jeff Caves are not happy about this award
*James Taylor concert: Mike Prater and Chris Tormey enjoy a James Taylor show
*JP’s Valentines Day on the Cheap: JP shows you 5 ways to save money on Valentines Day
*JP’s line of clothing: JP and D & B Supply launch a new line of clothing
*MIchael Deeds rips Caves and Prater in an Idaho Statesman article
*Mickey Mouse Song: Robb Akey doesn’t need that Mickey Mouse nonsense
*Mike Prater on Oprah: Mike Prater gives a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey
*Mighty Murph at Bat: an ode to Brian Murphy and his softball exploits
*Mission Impossible 4: WAC Commish Karl Bensen tries to save his conference
*Paul J. Buffet: go behind the scenes of the Paul J. Buffet at Bronco Stadium
*Signature Phrase: KBOI news uncovers a potential signature phrase for Jeff Caves
*Swingin Senator Doll Set: this doll set is not for the kids
*Swingin Senator Doll Set accessory kit: accessorize your set with these new toys
*Shock the Prater: Mike Prater endorses the use of a taser gun
*Ted vs. Prater: Ted Dawson and Mike Prater in a battle of insults
*Ted Dawson for Senator: Teddy Ballgame gets our vote
*The OZZ Couple: Ozzy Osbourne and Ozzie Guillen are new roommates with disastrous results
*Top 10 excuses to leave a Christmas party: Need an excuse to get out of a party early? Try These
*Twas the Night before a KTIK Christmas: Strange things take place at KTIK on Christmas Eve
*White Trash Night at Bronco Stadium: It’s the newest promotion for Boise State Football
*Women are psycho-Men are Jerks: Mike Prater’s new audio book on the battle of the sexes
*WAC media Talent Show: Former Idaho Coach Robb Akey steals the show with his comedy routine
*WAC Media Talent Show part 2: Former Idaho Coach Robb Akey and his new comedy routine
*Wellness Tips: Need to feel better. Try these wellness tips from the good Doctor!
*12 pounds of Christmas: Jeff Caves goes on a holiday weight gain binge-short version