Boise State QB Controversy? No. Insurance? Yes


Jeff Caves
3 of his first 4 NFL seasons former Houston Texans QB David Carr was sacked more than any other QB in the NFL. His rookie season he was sacked 76x! Carr once said that getting sacked 76x was kinda like being in a car wreck and not realizing it till the next day. Hank Bachmeier has been in a lot of accidents himself. Boise States version of a #1 draft pick watches the game from his back most often. 


Or, out of the ear hole of his helmet.


ESPN said during the Portland State broadcast that Bachmeier has been hit more than any QB in the country BEFORE the Portland State game. Only 7 FBS schools have allowed more sacks than Boise State at this point. He was sacked 3 more times, hit at least 6 other times and once right on the chin. I would say Bachmeier is still the #1 Most Abused QB in FBS football. Head Coach Bryan Harsin finally put an end to it early in the 3rd quarter after Bachmeier was sacked again, the Broncos got 2 false start penalties and dropped a pass. 


He saved the kid from himself. And, from his offensive line. He pulled him for Chase Cord.


Due to injuries to both offensive tackles, Boise State has had 3 different lineups on the o-line. THE position of strength and experience on the team has become a Human Experiment Lab. 3 different players have gotten their first starts ever, Jon Molchon has started at 3 different positions and 3 new running backs are learning on the job at pass protection. To this, you mix in a fearless freshman QB. Bachmeier doesn’t see pass-rush pressure. He sees opportunity. When he sees a defense threatening a blitz that outnumbers his protection, I bet he is focused on how quickly he can get rid of the ball and who it needs to go to. He wants to punish the defense and isn’t concerned about his own health. 


I think Harsin is. 


Chase Cord was put into the game because the coaches know that, at this rate, Bachmeier won’t make it till October, let alone a bowl game. Defensive coordinators are going to show, disguise and delay blitz when they play Boise State from here on out. I think Harsin can see that his boxer is one or two rounds away from taking a knockout blow. And, the conference schedule is about to begin where Colorado State, Wyoming and UNLV have shown strong sack numbers. And, we all remember what Utah State did to Rypien and company in 2015 in Logan when they tore through the o line for 4 sacks and caused 8 turnovers. None of this looks like a great outcome for Bachmeier. Harsin put Cord into the game with Boise State having a 3 possession lead and 10:38 left to go in the 3rd quarter. That’s not normally when Harsin declares the game in the bag.  The 1st team defense played through the 3rd quarter, so I think he saw enough of Bachmeier getting treated like a pinata by Portland State and pulled him. Cord played well at times. He showed some reckless abandon on a 29-yard run and great touch on a 33 yard TD pass to CT Thomas. He also missed some throws, went 5 of 10 overall but never got sacked. He showed he can run this team in the absence of Bachmeier. I don’t see Bachmeier losing his starting job. I just think the entire team and staff now have more confidence in Cord if Hank gets hurt or is having a rough game and Boise State needs a lift. Cord is the best insurance Harsin can afford with a high-risk driver like Bachmeier at the wheel.