How Many QBs Is Enough?

Boise State has been known as a creative offensive team. Most opponents tell their defensive personnel every week they will see a few things they have never seen before from the Broncos.

Add rotating Qb’s to the list.

Who else can take the snap from the center? Wr’s John Hightower and Khalil Shakir have run the wildcat formation. Chase Cord has been inserted into almost every game to run a certain run/pass play or series. Now, Jaylon Henderson is getting his chance. Late in the 1st quarter, Boise St had the ball around midfield and Hank handed it off to Holani 3 straight times for a first down. So, of course, on 1st and 10 out trots not Chase Cord but Henderson to throw a pass. It is overthrown to Hightower and Hank comes back into the game for a 15 yard run to the Hawaii 24. Hank throws an incomplete and then Hightower takes over at Qb and runs a great option play towards the Broncos sideline but illegally heaves the ball forward for a penalty after an 8 yard gain. UGH. Hank throws one more incompletion to Thomas and they settle for a field goal.   That’s a lotta risk for a 3 point reward. 4 different players taking snaps as QB in the first quarter almost alone.

Makes a guy feel like he’s not enough.

Creating an unpredictable force is what the Boise State offense has represented too many since the first Fiesta Bowl win.  Coaches though would rather line ‘em up and run ‘em over. When the traditional RB run game can control a defense, you don’t necessarily need to rotate 3 QB’s, put Wr’s at Qb and involve your Wr’s in the run game. Why take the risk?

That’s not Boise State’s strength.

At half time, Mahone and Holani had 15 rushes for 57 yards and 1 TD. The other 28 plays gained 172 yards and produced 3 TDs. The window dressing is important to this offense as is deception and misdirection. Against Florida State, they ran over people. That hasn’t been the case since. I don’t think this will change as the year moves on. You could see this style develop when Rypien was struggling last year and Cozart took a ton of snaps as did Shakir as a wildcatter.

I guess it takes a village now at QB to win. Another Boise State innovation.