The Bronco Bullies


Jeff Caves

The start of the Boise State – San Jose State game seemed familiar. A underdog opponent comes out with a red hot start and hangs or takes a lead on the Broncos. Boise State trailed 14-0 and 14-7 to end the 1st quarter. On the year, the Broncos have now been out scored 66-55 in the first quarter. 

We should come to expect it. 

Schools have a lot to gain by beating Boise State and stew about it all off season sometimes. Offensive and defensive coaches hold back special wrinkles all year just to unleash on the Top Dog Broncos. Boise State is an easy target but they have tried to embrace it. They warn the players every day about the traps that await them. The career performances that could unfold and make for a miserable game. 

Hello Josh Love. 

Love was THAT guy. He had proven he could carry San Jose State and that he did in the first half by passing for nearly 300 yards. He hit everything it seemed. Over the top, timing routes, check downs , and ,especially, back shoulder throws. He was the best QB the Broncos have faced this season. San Jose State was 6 of 9 on 3rd downs and had tore up Boise State for 16 total 1st downs in the first half. He got San Jose State to believing in the upset and the team rallied. But, the storm passed and Boise State bullied the Spartans in the 2nd half. 

And I mean BULLIED.

The Broncos ran the ball 55% of the time in the 1st half but it wasn’t working. 10 running back carries for 39 yards wasn’t getting it done. So, they decided at the half they would pour more gas on the fire and ran the ball 87% of the time in the 2nd half.

It worked.

Holani and Van Buren ran 27x for 180 yards and shut the door on the upstart Spartans. It was like Hill and Harsin commanded the o-line to win the game. Forced them into a corner. Maybe that’s what they needed. Holani did his part breaking tackles and gaining plenty of yards on second effort. He was relentless. 

Spartan Qb Josh Love was quieted down a bit in the 2nd half as well only completing 10 balls for 146 yards with 1 TD but was picked off, harassed and slowed down at least. Boise State didn’t take their first lead of the game til almost the 3rd quarter was over and the game was not decided until Holani ran for a 8 yard TD run with 1:35 to go. The upstart Spartans finally had enough. We all expected that as well. 


Storm The Court!

Storm The Court!

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