Hanky Hank And The Funky Bunch

I usually spend some time during Boise State offensive series watching Bryan Harsin. Its nothing you cant do from the stands with a set of binoculars. He is pretty stone face though and most times you don’t get much.  He usually stands behind the offense and likes to see the view from there. You can’t get the QB out of the coach.  Against Wyoming though, I noticed Harsin spending a lot of time looking down at his play call sheet. Over and over. He was searching and scanning. I didn’t notice him saying much but I didn’t pay much attention. I can only imagine what offensive coordinator Zak Hill was doing. From listening to Harsin post game, it sounds like the Boise State offense had more problems with Wyoming than just the players that the Cowboys rolled out vs. Boise State.

They had issues before they even set foot on the field.

That play call sheet must have been filled with jokes that fell flat for the occasion. Boise State prepared for a certain type of Wyoming defense and another one showed up. Harsin was upset at any offensive coach associated with the game plan and calling plays.

Including him.

If I had to narrow it down I would say that the traditional run game with Holani wasn’t getting it done and the unconventional run game with Hightower, Shakir and even Cord was. Without having a more dominant perimeter blocking ability, the offense needs to use misdirection and uncovential sets. The killer is the between the tackles run game. By this time in the season, defenses know Boise States tendencies and hit gaps with extra hitters.

It works.

Cord and Holani took way too many shots from an untouched Wyoming slanting d lineman or blitzing linebacker. Wyoming outnumbered Boise State at the point of attack and the o line and, at times Rb’s, made the wrong or late read and things got blown up.

Now what?

This offense will either turn into Hank and The Funky Bunch or die. I don’t see the power run game miraculously sustaining this team with a 4-quarter effort. I think we will see a lot more Shakir, Hightower and hopefully CT Thomas. Fly sweeps, reverses, wildcat, new stuff, and unbalanced lines, etc etc.

Boise State needs some GOOD VIBRATIONS…