Cut Loose And Have FUN


Jeff Caves


Have you ever been told to just go out there and have fun? You know, cut loose and don’t worry about failing. Just focus on how good it feels playing a game. Don’t sweat losing the Mountain West championship, throwing away a New Years Day 6 Bowl and facing a sure fire NFL Qb in Jordan Love. Just tune those twittiots out who think you are the worst 9-1 team that ever played at Boise State. 


Smile. Celebrate. Play recklessly. 


Got it? 


Boise State got it alright. They ran the Statue of Liberty from the Utah State 5 yard line for a TD in the first quarter up 14-7.  Then, Harsin thought it would be fun to put OT Ezra Cleveland at TE and run a reverse with HIM as a running back. The comedic timing was perfect because Boise State was on the Utah State 4 yard line with a 21-7 lead. They scored eventually. 


Just a barrel of laughs these guys I am telling you. 


It was smiles and giggles for CB Jalen Walker too. He jumped a Jordan Love out route and got a pick 6 in the first quarter. Avery Williams zigged and zagged across the field en route to a wild 74 yard punt return for a TD. But, nobody celebrated like DB Evan Tyler did when he picked off a Columbi pass on the Boise State 6 yard line. Tyler intercepted the pass, got tackled after about a 4 yard run and then took off on a Soul Train dance that lasted 90 yards. He wasn’t even flagged for unsportsmanlike behavior or delay of game. Even the refs enjoyed the act. It was that kind of night. 


Maybe that was the secret sauce Boise State lacked. Taking risks and going for it is what put them up 42-7 at the half. The Broncos defense was cutting a rug as well. In the first 2 quarters, they pressured Love, sacked him 2x and got the Walker interception. Love only hit 50% of his passes. The Aggies only gained 46 yards running the ball and punted 4x. They were dominated by a group of smiling happy guys. This new outlook on life will be required when the snow is flying in Fort Collins next Friday. It will be a short week, thanksgiving break will be all the talk and the weather for the 1:30pm game is calling for snow. This team is so much FUN! 


Storm The Court!

Storm The Court!

Storm the court! Posted by 93.1 KTIK – The Ticket on Thursday, February 13, 2020