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The Partick Connection

The Partick Connection

It started with an innocent mistake. My name was misspelled on the Idaho State Broadcasters Award…MORE

Homage to Evel

Hollywood stuntman Eddie Braun will attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon on September 17th. It’s been tried…MORE

Paul Simon concert review

Legendary singer/songwriter Paul Simon played the Idaho Botanical Garden Monday night to a sold out crowd. While his voice strained…MORE

Idaho Super Bowl rings

I received a call in the studio Wednesday from someone with a simple question. Simple if you are…MORE

The Kellen Conspiracy

I am a conspiracy theorist. I don’t believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe that Area 51 is hiding…MORE

It was an ugly thing to watch!

Boise State’s loss to New Mexico on Saturday night might be the very definition of frustrating. For fans who…MORE

On the Bright side

You may have to look hard, but there were a few positive things to take away from Utah State’s dominating win over the Broncos…MORE

My two cents on BSU-Virginia

I don’t think anyone expected Boise State to dominate Virginia the way they did Friday night. One thing is sure…MORE