They are the most famous soundbites heard on Idaho Sports Talk.
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It makes me sad
Where is Bush Hamdan
I need my beads. Where’s my Arabacus
Fiesta bowl scream (2 point conversion)
Kevin Jurovich ties his socks
We seek things to give you some thoughts…
Hang loose brah
Coach Mike Massmussen
Ted Shashinski
Tiger Woods sex addition
Fire on the log
Chuck Bedardnick
Like a deer with headlights on
You’re a Bowl Pig
Redskins-Yankees game 7 of the World Series
Unanimous, by a 3 to one margin
Steroid Andro-Stuh-knee-dion
Every morning when I wake up I feel a little bad
Ding Dongs
Buttcheeks were a little tight
I have a goat fascination. I like Goats
Lawyer: Can I ask you a question?
Derek Jeter is gorgeous
I just know what a fat sportswriter likes to do…
Lawyer: You are highly opinionated...
BYU Women
Wiener dog named Pebbles
Hey Prater are you kidding me?
Idaho Rant
I’m a transsexual sportswriter
Kneeling on some pews
Man crush on Tim Tebow
Emperor of Garden City
Larry Craig: Let me be clear…
Robb Akey: The plane didn’t crash
Bob Kustra: Nasty and Inebriated.
Robb Akey: Smokin dope
Dan Hawkins: It’s division one football
Gene Bleymaier accepts San Diego State job
Rod Jensen: ornery streak in you by golly
Pat Hill-not a good question
Milford Terrell : Tell Your Face-get excited
Butch Otter congratulates BSU on Super Bowl win
Robb Akey: Fiddle playin needs to get accomplished
Mayor Bieter: Gora!
Tom Cable-Idaho 1AA
Milford Terrell: Rod Spears
June Jones-recruits players in jail
Dirk Koetter: Boise is not a football town
Ted Dawson: Gene Bleymaier would run naked…
PETA lady : Clamped donkeys
Channel 2 anchor: Someone sent out a decoy...
Ted Dawson: I’ve Never seen Mike Prater
Fan: That’s what it means to be a Bronco
Bart Hendricks: Some guys butts they just feel better than others
Brian Murphy: Rockin an old school wicker hat
Lee from Wieser-Rabbit Dying
Caller: Wilford Brimley not Oprah Winfrey
PETA lady: Horses retired to dinner plates
Ted Dawson: Dee Sarton’s backside
Ted Dawson: 400 years-channel 7 ladies
Jerry Kramer: Meet Dennis Erickson at the Snake River Canyon
Ted Dawson: Come out to a Gymnastics meet
Female author: Amazing Journey
La Tech play by play man: 2 or 3 squirrels to make a meal